Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meet Nova! Guess What? Yep. Guess What Else? S Pups Need a Name!

1. for information on the Immiticide Unavailability - yep, they are totally out. Whatever is out in vet offices and shelters across the country is it. Immiticide is the drug used to kill the adult heartworms.

2. The S pups still don't have names. Well, other than S, and that's not a good name for a puppy! Please help BDBH by naming a pup if you can! Here is the post:

3. Meet our new adorable girl from TN - Nova! Nova is heartworm positive. We would love to complete that Chip-In on August 30 with the full amount raised to cover Harley and Nova's heartworm treatments, along with the other four. Yes, that's SIX HW+ dogs in a few months.

Always a favorite picture, the dog in the car as they leave the shelter for a whole new world - here is Nova's reaction.
Thank you, mister.
Happy girl...

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