Monday, August 29, 2011

Huge Thank You!

We have raised the $1600 for the heartworm treatment of Dena, Darson, Keena and Mila! This is an unbelievable amount of support from all of you.

Thanks to everyone who has been donating, forwarding, and thinking of these dogs. We truly appreciate it.  The names of all of those who made donations are on the right.  We wish we could personally thank everyone who has supported us, and these dogs, throughout their treatment.  Whether that support was care and concern, or a donation, every single one of you has made a difference.

Dena, Darson and Mila have completed all of their injections and are at varying stages of the one month post injection quiet. Keena will be starting, as enough Immiticide was available for her treatment to be started and completed.

Riot has also begun his treatment and more news on Harley as it develops! 

Also some good news on the heartworm front: Anna (formerly known as Nova) has been tested a third time and is negative!

Again, we thank you so much.  Please tell people about the importance of heartworm prevention (preferably) and treatment (if necessary)! And of course you can follow Mila's treatment at her blog.

Feel free to use these materials.

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