Sunday, July 24, 2011


We are going into another area for a bit, due to the fact that there have been a lot of parvo cases seen locally in general, not within BDBH (knock wood)!

Some links so you can do your own reading:
Drs. Foster and Smith: Parvovirus: Serious Diarrhea in Puppies & Dogs

Merck Vet Manual Canine Parvovirus

Baker Institute at Cornell University Canine Parvovirus

Mar Vista Vet Canine Parvovirus

Friday, July 22, 2011

Heartworm Updates

Thanks to your help, Dawson is in the second month of his heartworm treatment, having had the two injections last week. Dena is doing well with her first injection. Kenya is still taking care of her back end issues before starting her treatment, and Mila's first injection was postponed due to heat. Harley is still experiencing odd GI issues and we are on hold for his treatment.

Please continue to cross-post this blog by forwarding to people, posting on Facebook, etc! Thank you so much for all the help and good thoughts for these dogs.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All named! Second, Smaller Naming Fundraiser!

Thanks to Stephanie and Bob for naming Quincey, fka as Boy 2. He is very happy to have a new name because Puppy seemed pretty generic! He is already showing big improvement in his strangles condition.

Thanks to Sam and Duke for naming Quinn, fka as Boy 1. He is enjoying the nice cool air of his new foster home and is just a big baby and will now come running to his brand new name.

Little girl has a name thanks to Lucy and Stetson! She will be called Quinoa (Keen-Wa), a pretty girly name for a pretty girly girl! 

People can also virtually foster a puppy for $10 - this just helps to cover extras for the pups (example: large breed puppies need to get food with the right calcium levels so that was purchased for them by the rescue) and you get a little avatar you can copy and paste and post to facebook, etc.

Older post:
We've got part of a little family of puppies from a local owner surrender (another rescue taking the others). These little sweeties are German Shephounds? Redbone Shepherds? Mom was a Redbone Coonhound and dad a German Shepherd Dog. Whatever you want to call them, they are incredibly cute and in need of names.
Hi! I'm the new guy.
We will start with the first boy, who has a case of puppy strangles. Here is some information on that, also called juvenile cellulitis:

We got him right in to the vet today and he is on a big dose of prednisilone to suppress/stop his immune system from attacking itself and some cephalexin antibiotic to fix up his smile. He was a good boy at the vet and at 11 weeks is a solid 28 pounds! 

Arrows pointing to the cellulitis/infection in his muzzle, top and bottom and swollen lymph nodes under his neck

This is where you come in! We present to you the second BDBH Name a Pup and/or Virtual Foster fundraiser! It is a small one, but it's always fun to name puppies!
Name a Pup: 
  • Allows you to name a puppy from this litter for a donation of $40. The name needs to begin with the letter Q
  • When you click the donate button: BDBH Paypal and sign in, be sure to tell us what name, for this little guy - the other two will be posted after this weekend. 
  • We will have to go by the time if there are two people naming the same puppy, and will go until they are all named! 
Virtual Fosters!
  • Only $10 to be a virtual foster. 
  • You can be a virtual foster to as many puppies as you want. 
  • All puppies can have multiple virtual fosters. 
  • Virtual foster donations help the rescue and the real foster home pay for things like Advantage, de-wormers, foods, and supplies for the pups! 
  • But virtual fosters don't have to clean up after them and you can post them on Facebook and share with friends and family to show off your puppy!
 Feel free to send this around. He's a real lovey boy! 
Thanks everyone! I'm gonna be quiet for a while getting better!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

And Then There Were Five...

On Monday, the Fourth of July, Harley had to go to the vet on an emergency basis because he wasn't eating, had a fever, and was not showing improvement from previous vet visits and Baytril. Harley is the Mega-e boy on the males page.

He had his bloodwork checked (bad then, much improved/normal now), a urinalysis, and as part of BDBH protocol, had his heartworm test (and tick - it's the SNAP 4) done again. BDBH tests when they come in and then again 6 months later because that's how heartworm works!

As you must have figured out, Harley is heartworm positive. Thankfully, he is eating well and doing much better than he was on Monday, but now he will need to be kept quieter and away from other dogs who may not be on prevention. We are working on a plan for Harley and will keep you posted!

Kept quiet?!?!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another of the Heartworm Four - But No Treatment Yet!

Meet Kenya.

This sweet girl came from a shelter in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Seeing that sad face, and having had a wonderful BDBH dog come from there (Luka), a rescue in GA sent a volunteer to evaluate her at BDBH's request.

The results of the evaluation were not good. While this dog was described as absolutely one of the sweetest the evaluator had ever met, it was discovered that she was unable to walk - her hind end seemed paralyzed. The evaluator was moved to tears by this dog's condition. BDBH found out that the shelter had actually sent her to a vet and got additional information. Despite all the negatives, BDBH decided to give this sweet dog a chance.

She actually has shown improvement in her gait and walking/movement as time has gone by. It is possible she has a disc or back problem, but it is guessed that she had an FCE, which is also called a spinal stroke.

Of course as you know, it turned out that she was heartworm positive. But she was also unable to walk well! Had a big sore on her leg, possibly from the dragging! Unspayed! So many things to look at and parse out.

So she was staged for heartworm - and it was discovered she was in the early stages of infection. This meant, if she was a candidate, she could go through Physical Therapy at Thera-Vet. She went to her new regular vet and then there, and it was decided she could start PT. This is in addition to her heartworm costs, but Kenya is showing the will and the heart to continue to improve. What a great investment in a wonderful dog! We will keep you posted on and here.

Starting her underwater treadmill work:


And getting around pretty darned well - great progress!