Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank you Victor Intermediate School Student Council and Students!!!

Recently the Victor Intermediate School Student Council and Students held a fundraiser for BDBH, Lollypop Farm, and Pet Pride. They raised an incredible $900 and each group got $300. 

We are all so grateful for their kindness and support. We have 12 lucky puppies who are now the virtual fosters of the Victor Intermediate School Student Council and Students! 

But they gave so much that they are also able to help a recent medical case, Froggy, with his bills in his recovery, too! Thank you so much from Froggy...

And all your virtual foster puppies!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Foster Mom Provides Cuteness Fix!

Thank you for the pictures! More tomorrow! Vet visit went very well considering - good care and lots of love makes happy healthy puppies.

Playing while resting is a SKILL, people, a SKILL.
You are correct, I am as cute as you think I am.

Tee hee! That tickles!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vet Check on Monday and Virtual Fosters

Puppies are all going to the vet on Monday - their well visit was pushed up because they have been having some discharge from their eyes. You all know what it is like to take one dog to the vet - imagine taking a Baker's Dozen! 

If you would like to help click here: BDBH Paypal 

We are hoping for more virtual fosters for the puppies - here is who we have so far!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Looking for virtual fosters!

All the pups are happy to have wonderful names now! And some even have virtual fosters. We are hoping to add more! For only $10 you can be a virtual foster to someone in this family. Here are there names and current virtual fosters: THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Little Phoenix had to go to the vet today because he was vomiting - it seems that the incredible parasite load he was carrying was making him sick. Mom and pups have been dewormed again. It is much harder to do this now because the worms have the upper hand - it is obvious that there was no pre-natal care for poor Mom before she and the pups were dropped off at the shelter. 

Here is a picture of this beautiful family so happy to be in a loving foster home, getting food and care. 

Mom could also use some virtual fosters. She is oh so thin - look at her waist - yes, that's what that is - her ribcage and waist. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Names and Virtual Fosters!

For more information on this FUNdraiser, see the blog post below.  If you are having trouble with our PayPal link click here:  BDBH Paypal

You can also just go to and put in for the email address and let us know which puppy and what name - thanks - this is fun!

We have names for 11 puppies! Leaving poor little #8 with their number right now.  

Three of our puppies have virtual fosters - we are looking for more virtual fosters for these babies! 

#6 No more! I am Preston now thanks to my friend Shary!

I'm a happy boy - I have a new name instead of #11! My name is Parker thanks to Julie, Kent, Kendall and Kyle, Watson and Bella. 
  • AND I have a virtual foster and his name is Brandon!

I was #8 but now, thanks to Melissa, you can call me Prairie!
  • I have a virtual foster though and his name is Brock

Thank you Nicole - my name used to be #2 and that's not good! But now I am Phoebe!
My new name is Pixie, I was #5 and I have my foster Ashley to thank for the name and so much more! 
  • I have a virtual foster too! Her name is Autumn

Thanks to Linda and Felice I am Phoenix instead of #3!
  • Oh, my...I wasn't feeling so good and had to go to the vet today. Lucky for me, the Fergusons and Fireball are my virtual fosters!
From being #10 to being Polaris, thank you to Linda and Felice! 

Howdy, buckaroos, my name isn't #9 anymore, you can call me Pecos, thanks to Barb and Mark! 
And you can call Puppy #12 Pippa! Thank you to Natalie for her name.  
Thank you Deva! I was Puppy #4 and she thought that I looked like a Persephone. She said you could call me Persy for short (since I'm so little)!

Hey Everyone, I was Puppy #7, but my new name is Payton, thanks to Sam! 

Puppy #1 has a name! Welcome Puppy Presley! Thank you, thank you very much Christine. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our First Family Fundraiser!

Willow and pups were in a high kill shelter in Georgia. 

Working together with some Georgia rescue friends, Big Dogs committed to helping this mom and her 12 one month old (right now) puppies. 

This is our "P litter" of puppies - all of their names will begin with the letter P. 

This is where you come in! We present to you the very first BDBH Name a Pup and/or Virtual Foster fundraiser! 

Click the picture to enlarge and arrow back to return to the blog:

Name a Pup: 
  • Allows you to name a puppy from this litter for a donation of $40. The name needs to begin with the letter P
  • When you click the donate button: BDBH Paypal and sign in, be sure to tell us what name, and what puppy (they are all numbered). 
  • We will have to go by the time if there are two people naming the same puppy, and will go until they are all named! 
Virtual Fosters!
  • Only $10 to be a virtual foster. 
  • You can be a virtual foster to as many puppies as you want. 
  • All puppies can have multiple virtual fosters. 
  • Virtual foster donations help the rescue and the real foster home pay for things like milk replacement supplements, foods, supplies for these 12 puppies! 
  • But virtual fosters don't have to clean up after them and you can post them on Facebook and share with friends and family to show off your puppy!
Please note Willow and puppies are under medical evaluation and will not be ready for adoption until healthy and old enough to be spayed/neutered.

So after all of that, let us introduce to you 12 nameless puppies! Please help us to name and virtually foster them!

Click the picture to enlarge and see those cute faces and arrow back to return to the blog: 

Welcome to Our Blog

Big Dogs Big Hearts Rescue Inc. is dedicated to Rescuing, Rehabilitating and Re-homing large breed (pure or mixed breed) dogs, thus helping to reduce the number of homeless stray dogs and the need for euthanasia in shelters. 

BDBH Rescue concentrates on rescuing German Shepherds, other Large Breed dogs and occasionally Mixed Breeds. Most of the dogs come from local shelters and shelters in the Southern United States. Some come from owners who have requested our help in finding a new home for their pet. 

You can learn more about us here: 

We would like to use this blog to highlight some of our rescues, particularly when they are in need. 

Dogs like Dozier, Lobo, Jerry, Froggy, Halo, Kyah, and others have all had situations where the rescue did amazing things to help them. We would like to highlight those things as they are happening so our friends in rescue can learn more about what we do, and follow the progress of these amazing dogs! 

Thanks for visiting us on the web - we hope to see you someday in Buffalo or Rochester.