Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our First Family Fundraiser!

Willow and pups were in a high kill shelter in Georgia. 

Working together with some Georgia rescue friends, Big Dogs committed to helping this mom and her 12 one month old (right now) puppies. 

This is our "P litter" of puppies - all of their names will begin with the letter P. 

This is where you come in! We present to you the very first BDBH Name a Pup and/or Virtual Foster fundraiser! 

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Name a Pup: 
  • Allows you to name a puppy from this litter for a donation of $40. The name needs to begin with the letter P
  • When you click the donate button: BDBH Paypal and sign in, be sure to tell us what name, and what puppy (they are all numbered). 
  • We will have to go by the time if there are two people naming the same puppy, and will go until they are all named! 
Virtual Fosters!
  • Only $10 to be a virtual foster. 
  • You can be a virtual foster to as many puppies as you want. 
  • All puppies can have multiple virtual fosters. 
  • Virtual foster donations help the rescue and the real foster home pay for things like milk replacement supplements, foods, supplies for these 12 puppies! 
  • But virtual fosters don't have to clean up after them and you can post them on Facebook and share with friends and family to show off your puppy!
Please note Willow and puppies are under medical evaluation and will not be ready for adoption until healthy and old enough to be spayed/neutered.

So after all of that, let us introduce to you 12 nameless puppies! Please help us to name and virtually foster them!

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