Monday, March 21, 2011

New Names and Virtual Fosters!

For more information on this FUNdraiser, see the blog post below.  If you are having trouble with our PayPal link click here:  BDBH Paypal

You can also just go to and put in for the email address and let us know which puppy and what name - thanks - this is fun!

We have names for 11 puppies! Leaving poor little #8 with their number right now.  

Three of our puppies have virtual fosters - we are looking for more virtual fosters for these babies! 

#6 No more! I am Preston now thanks to my friend Shary!

I'm a happy boy - I have a new name instead of #11! My name is Parker thanks to Julie, Kent, Kendall and Kyle, Watson and Bella. 
  • AND I have a virtual foster and his name is Brandon!

I was #8 but now, thanks to Melissa, you can call me Prairie!
  • I have a virtual foster though and his name is Brock

Thank you Nicole - my name used to be #2 and that's not good! But now I am Phoebe!
My new name is Pixie, I was #5 and I have my foster Ashley to thank for the name and so much more! 
  • I have a virtual foster too! Her name is Autumn

Thanks to Linda and Felice I am Phoenix instead of #3!
  • Oh, my...I wasn't feeling so good and had to go to the vet today. Lucky for me, the Fergusons and Fireball are my virtual fosters!
From being #10 to being Polaris, thank you to Linda and Felice! 

Howdy, buckaroos, my name isn't #9 anymore, you can call me Pecos, thanks to Barb and Mark! 
And you can call Puppy #12 Pippa! Thank you to Natalie for her name.  
Thank you Deva! I was Puppy #4 and she thought that I looked like a Persephone. She said you could call me Persy for short (since I'm so little)!

Hey Everyone, I was Puppy #7, but my new name is Payton, thanks to Sam! 

Puppy #1 has a name! Welcome Puppy Presley! Thank you, thank you very much Christine. 

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