Thursday, March 24, 2011

Looking for virtual fosters!

All the pups are happy to have wonderful names now! And some even have virtual fosters. We are hoping to add more! For only $10 you can be a virtual foster to someone in this family. Here are there names and current virtual fosters: THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Little Phoenix had to go to the vet today because he was vomiting - it seems that the incredible parasite load he was carrying was making him sick. Mom and pups have been dewormed again. It is much harder to do this now because the worms have the upper hand - it is obvious that there was no pre-natal care for poor Mom before she and the pups were dropped off at the shelter. 

Here is a picture of this beautiful family so happy to be in a loving foster home, getting food and care. 

Mom could also use some virtual fosters. She is oh so thin - look at her waist - yes, that's what that is - her ribcage and waist. 

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