Monday, January 30, 2012

Parvovirus, Part II, Three Parvo Girls

Below we linked to some very important information about Parvo. Last summer, our area had a Parvo outbreak. In some areas in the south, there is a steady stream of Parvo cases.

Right now, BDBH has these three in a vet office in Kentucky, undergoing hopeful treatment for the parvovirus. Untreated, parvo kills 9 of 10 dogs. Treated, the success rate can be as high as saving 8 of 10 dogs, results though do vary. But the disease is hard on the dog, recovery can be lengthy, and if they do make it, treatment is quite expensive.

We are asking for your help in the treatment of our parvo gang: Rori, Rylee and Riva. The low estimate for treatment is $800 per dog, or $2400 total. We have set the Chip-In for a little over half that. Any assistance is appreciated - you can post this on your Facebook page by hitting the share button at the bottom of this post, or by posting the picture below on your wall, you can send this post around by email, you can make a donation and as always, your good thoughts and prayers mean the world to these poor girls. Thank you.

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  1. Need input on training reliability in a 2 yr.old sp. female using only pos. reinf. Owner trained all other GS w/force & Shutzund. Owner wants to stick w/pos. reinf. but has doubts.