Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Heartworm?

Currently BDBH has FOUR Heartworm positive dogs, three of the last four dogs accepted into the program were heartworm positive. In our previous post we explained a little about heartworm. There is so much to tell!

We are going to blog about heartworm this summer. We'll talk about the mosquitoes, the prevention, the worms, the treatment. We will follow Mila as she goes through her treatment.

And hopefully, dog by dog, we will get the message out:
Preventing heartworm is...
1. Easier
2. Healthier
3. Cheaper
Than treating heartworm disease.

Right now, as we sometimes need to do, we are reaching out for reason #3: cost of heartworm treatment. Average cost locally for staging and treating heartworm is $700 for a medium-large dog.

So 4 HW+ dogs = approximately $2800
Or 336 large dog Interceptor heartworm prevention pills!
That's enough for 28 years of heartworm pills, if given year round!
Or 7 years of heartworm pills given year round per dog at prices found from a reputable online pet pharmacy.

So can you help us help these dogs go through heartworm treatment? All donations help, forwarding the flyer below and this blog, posting a link on your Facebook, Tweeting about heartworm (wouldn't it be cool to have Heartworm trending!), all of these things will help BDBH and these four wonderful dogs.

We have the Chip In set up for $400 per dog, but we can go over (always good to be optimistic) to cover the full treatment for each dog. Chip In is at the top right of the blog.

GOOD THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS IF YOU DO THEM - always gratefully accepted.

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