Saturday, June 18, 2011

Profiles in Heartworm

Lots of times we don't know much about the dogs we get, and their lives before coming to us.

With Mila, we do know enough to tell her Heartworm story and how she became infected. So we will start with her!

Mila was well loved and in a home for 8 years of her life. When her person got sick, she was taken in by relatives, saving her from a shelter. But not using the heartworm prevention that her person had gotten for her at Mila's last vet visit (we have the invoices - Mila was lucky to have a person who took good care of all her needs). So Mila was outside, in Western New York, without heartworm prevention. And she got heartworm disease.

We tested her in December when we got her, and she tested negative because the infection was just beginning and didn't show. But when we tested her in June, the adult worms were there and she was diagnosed with heartworm disease.

Heartworm happens in Upstate New York. We think it is happening more. Please consider helping us help the Heartworm Four by donating, forwarding, posting, and sending good thoughts out.
Mila playing with a friend while heartworms, unbeknownst to us, were starting to grow - they can be up to 12 inches long

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