Monday, May 14, 2012

Update on Dog Food Recalls

This came in an email:

As you are aware, over the past ten days voluntary recalls have impacted several popular pet brands. In some cases only a few products were affected and in other cases an entire line had to be recalled. We wanted to follow-up on our communication from last week to keep you informed.

From the moment the recalls were announced, PetFoodDirect immediately took the necessary steps to ensure your pet's safety and provide you with peace of mind. As is always the case, when you purchase products from us, you can rest assured that we proactively track any recalls or safety alerts and will rapidly:

  • Notify you immediately if your brand was affected
  • Check all inventory, isolate, and dispose of any affected product via manufacturer's instructions
  • Monitor future deliveries from the manufacturer to ensure all product is fresh and safe
Additionally, we are happy to report the manufacturers involved in last week's recalls have acted quickly to withdraw affected product and are resuming deliveries of fresh, safe supplies. You can be sure that any new product you purchase from PetFoodDirect is fresh and safe to use.

Beyond quickly notifying you and protecting you from these unfortunate occurrences, we also wanted to let you know of additional resources that are valuable to get more information, expert advice and education, such as:
  • Alerts & Recalls News Center - the largest and most comprehensive pet health and wellness site on the web (over 6,000 vet written & approved articles) has anything and everything you would ever need to be a smarter and more educated pet parent.

  • How to Quickly Switch your Cat or Dog Food - the PetFoodDirect Nutrition Center has great tips and nutritional information on how to keep your pet healthy.

  • Pet360 Safety Meter - a new site with a great new feature called the Pet360 Safety Meter. At, once your pet is registered, you'll receive the latest educational information personalized for you and your pet or you can engage with thousands of other pet owners in the Pet360 Q&A section to discuss everything from pet health to training to product choices.

The following brands have products included in the voluntary recall:

Canidae (see code update)
Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover's Soul
Country Value
Diamond Naturals
Kaytee Forti Diet Mouse, Rat & Hamster Diet
Kirkland Signature
Natural Balance
Premium Edge
Purina Vet Feline OM Diet
Solid Gold (ONLY 2 products)
Taste Of The Wild
Wellness (ONLY 1 Puppy product )

If you want to learn more about Salmonella in Dogs, please click here. If you are worried that your pet is sick for any reason, please go to your veterinarian immediately.

Thanks for being a part of our PetFoodDirect family! We hope you and your pet continue to run, romp, play and enjoy each other's companionship!


Brock Weatherup - CEO

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