Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meet Duke!

BDBH was contacted by a local shelter about Duke, a handsome, happy, friendly (initially shy) GSD boy. He had swollen lymph nodes, so BDBH covered testing, results came back - he has lymphoma. The rescue sent out a plea, answered by many, for a hospice foster home.

He is six years old, the lymph nodes are swollen throughout, but is going to enjoy whatever time he has left in a home, being spoiled and loved (and on prednisilone which is often called "poor man chemo"). The tech at the shelter that really advocated for him is so happy - she just could not let him be PTS if there was a chance for this to happen, and thankfully, it did!

So you won't be seeing Duke on the adoption pages, but he will be enjoying the time that he has left in a forever home, with the BDBH family.

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  1. What a beautiful boy. I'm happy he has a place to be spoiled!