Sunday, February 19, 2012

10 Tips When Meeting a Stray Dog

If anyone is following the story of the dog who was off leash and chased a coyote into a frozen pond, got stranded, was rescued and then bit the news reporter...

Hetts says there 10 tips that everyone should remember when meeting a strange dog:
1. Let the dog come to you - don't reach for the dog
2. Keep your hands near your side
3. Avoid eye contact
4. Avoid facing the dog - turn the side of your body to the dog
5. Stand up straight or sit on the floor - don't lean over the dog
6. Keep your face away from the dog's face
7. No hugging or kissing unless you know the dog very well
8. Pet the dog under the chin
9. Limit speaking to the dog
10. Always watch the dog's body language
Hetts says dogs that feel threatened will show many signs through their body language including baring their teeth and growling, avoiding eye contact or staring someone down, flattening their ears against their head, wagging their tail slowly or leaning more on their front legs. She says rapid changes in body language indicate that the animal is more uncertain and therefore can be more unpredictable.

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