Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wow, we helped Hurricane Irene Pets in Albany!

Our two blog posts helped pets nearby!


149 of you  participated in the Write a Post, Help a Dog 2011 Campaign  with Pedigree and Pedigree Foundation earlier this month. It might not have been as big of a turn out as we had hoped as our goal was to raise 10,000lbs of food but we did have to contend with Hurricane Irene blowing through in the middle.
We all know that when faced with something as major as a natural disaster blogging wasn’t necessarily the biggest thing on everyone’s minds that weekend. Still a valiant effort and huge thanks to those who participated because at 20-lbs. per blog post, 2,980-lbs. of new dry recipe Pedigree food will be going to homeless dogs that will make for a lot of full tummies and got the ball rolling on what I am about to tell you.
Pedigree and the Pedigree Foundation were watching the storm as it made landfall going up the East Coast in order to figure out what they could do to help make the biggest impact for those effected. (As a Pedigree Sponsored Blogger to BlogPaws 2011 I was actually sitting next to people from the Pedigree team talking about the Hurricane making landfall and how the animals will be effected and what kinds of supplies might be needed to help.)
After leaving BlogPaws and receiving damage reports from cities all along the East Coast Mars Petcare made the decision that they would like to donate 27,000lbs of dog food to those hardest hit by the Hurricane. After carefully assessing the most pressing needs in the areas affected by the storm, Mars Petcare has determined we can all make the biggest impact by donating the food to RescueBank—a national pet food distribution organization working to get dog food to where it’s needed most in the Albany, New York area.
What that means is it is not too late for you to blog about the Write a Post Help a Dog Campaign and tell your readers and friends about the huge donation of dog food Pedigree will be making to RescueBank in order to reach as many homeless dogs in  local shelters as possible.

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